Prensa de pastilhas PP 25

Pellet Press PP 25

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Pellet Press PP 25

(please order pressing tool separately)
20.750.0006Pellet Press PP 25, hydraulic, manual

Evacuable pressing tools for Pellet Press PP 25

22.458.0016Pressing tool for aluminum cups Ø 32 mm (also suitable for free pressing)
22.458.0017Pressing tool for aluminum cups Ø 40 mm (also suitable for free pressing)

Acessórios PP 25

22.005.0001Aluminum cups, sloping walls, for 32 mm dia. pellets, 1000 pcs
22.005.0002Aluminum cups, sloping walls, for 40 mm dia. pellets, 600 pcs
22.440.0001Licowax® C micropowder, 250 g (not for steel rings)
22.440.0003Spektromelt® C20, cellulose tablets, 1 kg

Material Composition of Equipment and Accessories

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